April 2020 will mark the 20th annual Open Ice 3on3 Spring Tournament.


The Open Ice tournament holds many fond memories for thousands of players and is a long standing tradition for many. This event marks the end of the hockey season and brings friends together for a final weekend of fun with a different style of play. Open Ice 3on3 gives players both young and old an opportunity to play the game they love while feeling the satisfaction that comes with contributing to a worthy cause.


Players, family members, spectators and the community of Sault Ste. Marie will enjoy a different style of hockey with each team carrying only 7-10 players, including a goalie. Teams ice 3 players and a goalie in a full-ice format that does not allow body contact, stoppages in play or the use of the penalty box. After a goal the scoring team only needs to clear the zone before resuming play and all penalties result in a penalty shot to be taken at the end of the game. Players very soon feel the freedom of 3-on-3 hockey as they enjoy the "open ice" during the two 12-minute periods.

We are proud to announce the proceeds from the 2020 Open Ice 3on3 tournament are in support of:



Here we go again!


In 2012 Open Ice 3on3 introduced the OPEN ICE CUP!! In 2020 we are excited to continue the tradition.

The CUP is up for grabs again this year! Let the games begin!

Do you have what it takes to claim the cup??

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